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Wilderness Experience Travels always seeks to push the industry edge by creating innovative and unique travel itineraries. We deliver groundbreaking adventures off the typical tourist circuit which satisfy the perpetual explorers within us. Each experience is a wild stimulation of all the senses on body, mind, and spirit levels.

Wellness Tour:
The Himalayas have always been a place seekers have wandered for the vast spacious mirror of the magical landscape. Masters of great spiritual traditions have sought the high vantage point of the Tibetan plateau, gazed upon the desolation of the desert ranges, and made unlikely caves and barren valleys under remote rugged ridges their places of practice.
Wilderness Experience Travels is pioneering a new type of exploration of Himalayan spiritual traditions by offering an engaging first hand taste of the very practices yogis have been mastering within its folds throughout the ages. This tour is designed for the adventurous spiritual warrior, for the avid explorer who seeks to explore the outward ranges, and the parallel pilgrim who appreciates that going outward might actually be going in. Our Wellness Tour is a carefully crafted pilgrimage trek and cleanse for body, mind, and spirit. Wake up to steaming cups of cleansing herbal teas delivered to your tent door. Inhale the crisp mountain air and absorb the awesome beauty of the vistas as you step outside your cozy tent to join your fellow companions for morning yoga and meditation. Warm up with sun salutations to the rising sun itself! The dramatic Ladakhi snow capped peaks rise above you as you stretch and breathe with the winds; the ground rests steadily under your yoga mat as you greet the day. Enjoy delicately cooked, delicious, and nutritious meals which give you strength for the day of trekking through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.
Wilderness Experience Travels works with skilled yoga teachers to offer comprehensive introductions to the contemplative beginner, or more advanced guidance to practised yogis and yoginis. We have consulted with nutritionists to create a delicious daily menu which will provide high-energy yet healthy sustenance as you trek at high altitude. Enjoy the comforts of this supported nomadic spa and treat yourself to daily baths; take the time to stop to drink cleansing teas and watch the clouds pass gently overhead. Walking distances will be tailored to your level and interest in order to keep each day open enough to have space for reflection, meditation, and contemplation. As always, our guides and crew are friendly and supportive and will be integral in making your journey a once in a lifetime experience.

Social & Environment Responsibility At Wilderness Experience ( Journey to Ladakh), we also are committed to giving back to the communities we work with and travel through. The people you encounter here will no doubt inspire you with their smiling demeanours and rich heritage, just as they have us. In 2008, we pioneered the first ever environmental education and leadership camp for Ladakhi students outside its capital, Leh. We hope to continue this tradition of sharing sustainable and progressive knowledge to empower people to embrace their land and culture so it will thrive for future generations.

Ladakh Adventure See the land transform under your feet; be a part of a true trekking expedition outfitted with professional gear and supported by friendly staff; ride the rivers on world class rafting routes; pedal across the plateau and ascend or descend to witness the dramatic changes in the land; observe the spectacular scenery out your window on our thrilling jeep safaris to remote places.
Ladakh is one of the final frontiers for wilderness exploration and adventure activities. As the Indian continental plate continues to drift into the Asian, tremendous upheavals create dramatic features; as glacial rivers patiently continue streaming, deep scars are cut through the noble rock. This land of deep folds and spacious plateaus is terrifyingly inspiring and has urged on explorers and spiritual masters to test the limits of their bodies and minds throughout the ages.
Wilderness Experience Travels offers exhilarating adventure tours to move the intrepid explorer within you! Even the shortest of expeditions takes you into remote territory, offering extraordinary glimpses of vast, rugged terrain, faraway village oases sparkling emerald against the dry rock, jagged snow capped ranges, and rare wildlife sightings. Depending on your preferred mode of exploration, we customize your excursion to satisfy your dreams. Wilderness Experience Travels always has your safety as our primary objective, and we have trained staff and professional gear to make sure you can focus absolutely on your experience.